Invest In Your Purpose®

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Wealth management for individuals and families who understand that wealth comes with great opportunities and responsibilities.

Why Keel Point?

Navigating a sea of investment options is daunting. Keel Point wealth management advisors understand. We help you chart a course through smooth waters and inevitable storms.

We leverage person-to-person relationships, decades of experience, and a passion for strategic investment that ensures you are investing with the destination in mind.

Meet the Team

The Keel Point team offers diversity of expertise – all with a singular focus on the person and the portfolio, making every interaction a very human experience.

Meet the people who ensure that every plan created, every success measured, and every turn along the way is guided by your unique purpose.

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Keel Point Insights

Investment Bulletins

Read the Keel Point Bulletin for in-depth information about tactics and trends in your wealth management.

News & Events

Keel Point hosts educational and networking events to show our appreciation and to facilitate connection on a more personal level.

Market Updates

Read up-to-date market updates here on our site. Be agile. Be inspired. Be ready to invest in your purpose®.

Video Commentaries

Keel Point Chief Economic Advisor Steve Skancke delivers his most recent video updates from our nation’s Capitol.