Keel Point is the joining together of families and advisors to achieve each family’s mission, vision, values and goals. 

15 years ago, a group of successful families came together with David Parks and his team to create a firm to serve the global financial, estate, tax, business and philanthropic needs of the wealth-creators and their spouses, children and children’s children. 

About the same time, Robert Mayes left a large financial institution to establish a firm which could more faithfully serve the financial, estate, education, retirement and tax needs of his family clients

In 2015, the two firms came together to form Keel Point, a wealth advisor to families, companies, endowments and foundations. Later that same year, Keel Point was joined by teams in Chattanooga and Huntsville which saw in Keel Point the opportunity to better serve their current and future clientele.

Keel Point is a community of families who believe that wealth comes with the opportunity to be a blessing to family and community, and of experienced professionals dedicated to providing families with guidance and wisdom around their financial lives.

Keel Point brings to each client, small and large, the best of its diverse heritage: financial and strategic advice for families just starting out and for families with multi-generational wealth, and investment management designed to allow each family to reach their financial goals.

Our Philosophy

We begin every relationship by understanding you and your family. We work with you to identify your family’s mission, vision, values and goals … your personal “Keel Point.” Our advisory and investment teams bring wisdom, clarity and vision to stay on course through times of prosperity and turbulence. Keel Point is determined to walk alongside its families for the long run … for generations … helping families realize the possibilities and manage the responsibilities of wealth.

Keel Point. Invest in Your Purpose®.

Meet the Team

With more than fifty dedicated team members in six offices, the Keel Point team provides extensive experience in life planning, investment management, tax and estate design, leadership, giving and business operations. Our coordinated team approach and global sophistication allows for personal relationships and custom tailored solutions for our clients. Our team members have a variety of credentials including Ph.D., CFP®, MBA, CPA, and CFA.

Keel Point is always looking for like-minded advisors to join our team.


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