Keel Point Careers

We are always looking for like-minded advisors who want to bring a higher level of investment options, in depth knowledge and personal guidance to their clients.

Why join Keel Point?

Growth: Relieved of the costs of compliance and operations in their own practice, advisors can focus on serving their current clients and growing their client base.

Support: Keel Point invests in the marketing efforts of each office including client appreciation and prospecting events.

Investments: With its heritage as a large multi-family office and with its growing asset base, Keel Point offers advisors access to traditional and alternative investment managers to best serve their clients’ family goals and portfolio objectives.

Team: Keel Point advisors work in a collegial environment in which the best ideas about portfolio construction, private investments, giving, generational mentoring, and estate and wealth design are shared and made available to serve clients.

Structure: Keel Point is owned jointly by certain clients it serves and the professionals who manage it. The “family owned” structure provides an umbrella of transparency that benefits advisors and clients.

Advisor Opportunities

Integration: Full employment and benefits of being a member of the firm.

Affiliation: Advisor remains independent with Keel Point providing back office, investment management, etc.

Strategic Partner: Advisor has the opportunity to generate referral fees for introductions made to Keel Point.

Investment Partner: Advisors can allocate client capital to unique investments including:

BlueArc MultiStrategy Fund – a fund of hedge funds managed by Keel Point’s investment team providing low beta, diversified returns for capital preservation and appreciation.

Structured Notes Co-op Buying Program – purchase of Notes modeled by Keel Point investment team to enhance upside return while protecting a portion of downside risk; investment team negotiates with most credit-worthy global financial institutions to obtain the best terms.

To be thriving in the here and now isn’t enough. We have to look to our clients’ future needs and opportunities.

Robert Mayes, CEO, Keel Point

Interested in joining the Keel Point team?