Corporate Services

At Keel Point, we understand that there is a clear difference between running a company and keeping a company running. Our goal is to keep your company running with streamlined, time-saving employee benefit solutions. Here’s how we do that.


We make it easy for companies to onboard and enroll employees into benefit programs.  We can then track employees throughout the employee lifecycle.

Saves Time

Our system cuts the work and strain that is typically placed on human resources. 

Our processes can save HR staff up to 20 hours per week allowing them to concentrate on other, more pressing tasks. 


We handle everything from forms and policies to medical and dental benefits, in a single portal.  Even though we house everything is a single place, clients may still use the benefit providers of their choice.  We simply help all of their processes, systems, and people run more efficiently.


We provide a “one-stop” portal that employees can access at their convenience.

All forms are available in easy-to-use digital formats, which alleviates employee confusion and frustration.

Fiduciary Guarantee

We can take the lead on our clients’ investment selection and monitoring to make sure decisions are made for the best interest of the business and its employees. And whether clients have a “quick question” or need more comprehensive assistance, we are always there to help them understand their responsibilities.   

man holding pen figuring out employee investments

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Retirement Plans

When it comes to planning for retirement, individual needs are unique as the employees themselves.

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Employee Benefits

We know the right benefits are important to your business, your employees, and their families.  That’s why we not only provide customized benefits plans…

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