Dr. Steven Skancke Interview with Financial Exchange

By July 1, 2016 August 12th, 2019 Keel Point in the News, Keel Point News

While in Boston on Tuesday, June 28, speaking for Institutional Investor’s RIA Institute, Dr. Steven Skancke, Keel Point Chief Investment Strategist, was interviewed on Financial Exchange, a Boston based radio show on WRKO with listenership of about 318,700.

Dr. Skancke observes that with the U.S. economy, the Eurozone and oil markets all relatively stable, notwithstanding the BREXIT vote on June 23, China is the most likely source of disruption to U.S. financial markets. China’s debt, continuing economic slow-down, South China Sea projections, cozying relationships between Presidents Xi and Putin, rising Chinese currency prominence and cyber-attacks on US institutions all contribute to China’s ability to diminish U.S. financial markets stability.