Steven L. Skancke, Ph.D.Chief Economic Advisor

: Washington, D.C.:

Steven L. Skancke, Ph.D. is Chief Economic Advisor at Keel Point. Prior to joining Keel Point, Skancke spent 24 years at G.W. William Miller & Company, a D.C. – based private merchant-banking firm, advising U.S. and international individual, institutional and government clients with liquid portfolios of $50 million to $5 billion.

For the 15 years prior, during the Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan administration, he served on the White House National Security Council Staff and economic policy team and at the U.S. Treasury, working on national security, intelligence, development and regulation of banking, tax and law enforcement.

He also is a George Washington University adjunct professor of International Affairs and Economics and the co-author of two books on business productivity and profitability.